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  1. Interleukin 7 regulates the survival and generation of memory CD4 cells.
  2. IL-7: maintaining T-cell memory and achieving homeostasis.
  3. Antigen-specific and non-specific CD4+ T cell recruitment and proliferation during influenza infection.
  4. Adaptive islet-specific regulatory CD4 T cells control autoimmune diabetes and mediate the disappearance of pathogenic Th1 cells in vivo.
  5. Polyclonal adaptive regulatory CD4 cells that can reverse type I diabetes become oligoclonal long-term protective memory cells.
  6. CD44 regulates survival and memory development in Th1 cells.
  7. Multifaceted regulation of T cells by CD44.
  8. IL-7 uniquely maintains FoxP3(+) adaptive Treg cells that reverse diabetes in NOD mice via integrin-β7-dependent localization.
  9. Harnessing memory adaptive regulatory T cells to control autoimmunity in type 1 diabetes.
  10. Regulation of Antigen-Experienced T Cells: Lessons from the Quintessential Memory Marker CD44.
  11. Memory CD4+ T-cell-mediated protection depends on secondary effectors that are distinct from and superior to primary effectors.
  12. Location, location, location: the impact of migratory heterogeneity on T cell function.
  13. Islet antigen-specific Th17 cells can induce TNF-α-dependent autoimmune diabetes.
  14. Targeting CD44 augments the efficacy of Tregs in autoimmune diabetes.
  15. PSGL-1 Is an Immune Checkpoint Regulator that Promotes T Cell Exhaustion.
  16. Lessons in Antiviral Immunity
  17. Striking a Balance—Cellular and Molecular Drivers of Memory T Cell Development and Responses to Chronic Stimulation