Moving to the Torrey Pines Mesa. Pictured from left to right: José Luis Millán (Rotary Fellow and Trainee),
Mrs. Lillian Fishman (Nutritionist, Laboratory Assistant and Co-founder of the LJCRF), Professor William H.
Fishman (President and Founder of the LJCRF) and Professor Cole Manes (Faculty member of LJCRF).


Millán Lab (June 1988). From left to right: Sonoko Narisawa (Graduate Student), Thomas Manes
(Research Assistant)
José Luis Millán (Principal Investigator).


Millán Lab, circa 1989, on the occasion of hosting the Institute’s Happy Hour with the theme “Around the
World in 80 Bites”. Pictured from left to right: Charlotte Hummer (Graduate Student), Kimberly Glade
(Research Assistant), Sonoko Narisawa (Graduate student), José Luis Millán, Thomas Manes
(Research Assistant) and Marie-Claude Hofmann (Post-Doc).


Millán Lab circa 1992. Standing from left to right: Helge Weissig (Diploma Student), Thomas Manes
(Research Assistant), Alexandra Shildge (Diploma Student), José Luis Millán, Marie-Claude Hofmann
(Post-Doc), Marc F. Hoylaerts (Visiting Scientist), Sonoko Narisawa (Graduate Student).
Front row (kneeling): Elisabeth Bossi (Research Assistant) and Massimo Bossi (Post-Doc).


Millán Lab circa 1994. From left to right: Sonoko Narisawa (Post-Doc), Helge Weissig (Graduate Student),
Marie-Claude Hofmann (Post-Doc), José Luis Millán, Laura Richardson (Post-Doc), Thomas manes
(Graduate Student) and Donara Abramian (Research Assistant).

Picture taken on June 2, 2000 on the occasion of Charlotte Wennberg’s thesis defense
in Umeå, Sweden. From left to right: Iris Svanholm (Secretary), Karin Smans (Post-Doc), Solveig Berggren
Linghult (Research Assistant), Alexei Kozlenkov (Graduate Student), Glen F. Landeghem (Post-Doc),
Charlotte Wennberg (Graduating Student), Per G. Olsson (Post-Doc), Carin Sikström (Post-Doc), José Luis
Millán, Lars Beckman (Professor Emeritus) and Arata Iwasaki (Post-Doc).

Millán Lab circa 2002. From left to right: Lei (Lilly) Huang (Post-Doc), Lovisa Hessle
(Graduate Student), Sara Janke (Lab Assistant), José Luis Millán, Dympna Harmey (Post-Doc), Sonoko
Narisawa (Research Associate) and Arata Iwasaki (Post-Doc).

Lab members at work circa 2004. From left to right: Yulia Volokhina (Research Assistant),
Anna Lunqvist (Undergraduate) and Dympna Harmey (Post-Doc).

The Millán Lab out for lunch, circa 2006. From left to right: Lisa O’Brien (Administrative Assistant),
Marc. F. Hoylaerts (Visiting Professor), Mrs. Lillian Fishman (Co-Founder of the Institute), José Luis Millán, Sonoko Narisawa (Research Associate) and Manisha C. Yadav (Post-Doc).

The Millán Lab out for lunch, 2009. From left to right (standing): Collette Beaton (Administrative Assistant), Ana Maria
Simão (Post-Doc), Manisha C. Yadav (Post-Doc), Sonoko Narisawa (Staff Scientist), Maria Tsoli
(Post-Doc). From left to right (sitting): Mrs. Forsberg (Amie’s mother), Amie Forsberg (Lab Assistant) and
José Luis Millán.

Members of the Millán Lab at the 1st Latin American Symposium on the Molecular Mechanisms of Skeletal Mineralization, May 18-21, 2010, Foz do Iguassu, Parana, Brazil. From left to right (standing): Tina Kiffer Moreira (Post-Doc, Invited Speaker), Manisha C. Yadav (Post-Doc, Invited Speaker), Marc F. Hoylaerts (Professor, Invited Speaker),
Pietro Ciancaglini (Professor, Conference Organizer), Joao Martins Pizauro (Professor, Invited Speaker).
Front row (kneeling), José Luis Millán (Invited Speaker) and Sonia Mauro (Professor).