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About Dr. Millán and his Research:

Dr. Millán joined the Institute as a Rotary International fellow on August 4, 1977, just 10 months after the Institute had started operations (on October 1, 1976) as the La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation housed in an old Scripps Clinic Building on 417 S. Coast Blvd, downtown La Jolla. [Click here to see a picture of the day the Institute was physically moving to its current location on the Torrey Pines Mesa in 1978]. What was initially a 9-month training stint turned into a lifetime of fascination with and commitment to basic and translational research. Dr. Millán, after obtaining his Ph. D. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Umeå, Sweden, returned to and developed his entire career at the (now) Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute.

Dr. Millán’s current research in elucidating the basic mechanisms that control the initiation of skeletal mineralization has lead to significant translational applications, such a the development and implementation of the first successful treatment for Infantile Hypophosphatasia (a genetic form of rickets) and current efforts to prevent and treat vascular calcification, a condition common in end-stage renal disease, obesity, diabetes and aging. His research also focuses on understanding what factors determine the composition of the gut microbiota and control fatty acid absorption, a subject of relevance to understanding obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, all major afflictions of our modern, often sedentary, way of life. 

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