Education/Career Opportunities:

Join our team:

Love science? …particularly biology? We seek individuals who are rigorous, full of curiosity, have a persistent will to solve problems, always seeking new ideas and concepts, loves new tech, have effective communication skills, and who works well with others. The PI is devoted rigorous science and mentoring, emphasizing research philosophy and career advancement. Available projects range from basic developmental mechanisms, to modeling diseases, to genetic and chemical screens, to evolution, and to in vivo genetic/chemical cell fate reprograming, and/or create your own projects.

Postdoctoral training –

Postdoctoral candidates should also have a solid background in molecular and developmental biology, genetics, or cell biology/biochemistry, and at least one senior author publication. Bioinformatic, systems, epigenetics, or -omics experience is a plus.

SBP Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences –

Graduate student candidates should also have a passion for science and significant laboratory experience. Those interested in our lab should contact us prior to submitting an application to our graduate doctoral program.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Internship –

Geared towards students preparing for biology/health professional schools or biotech. Internship candidates need to be an undergraduate studying for or a postgraduate with a biology related degree. Interns will learn basic laboratory techniques including molecular biology and genetics. They may participate in our lab meetings and journal clubs and attend institutional scientific seminars. Depending on the individual intern’s ambitions, schedule, and career goals, further training may range from shadowing a scientist in the lab to having an independent research project. The PI will also provide career mentoring.

High School Summer Internship –

Our lab is committed to inspiring and preparing the next generation of scientists. Through our participation in the Preuss School Summer Research Program, we give high school students a practical glimpse into the world of basic and biomedical research. In addition, we can accept one high school student intern each summer.

Joseph teaching students

Under-represented minorities are encouraged to apply.