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Through rigorous investigation of the genetic mechanisms underlying organogenesis and diseases, our objective is to uncover fundamental insight into basic and biomedical science. We aim to apply these insight towards developing genetic technologies to improve human health and advance human biology.

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Jagged/Notch Signaling | Alagille Syndrome

genetic mechanism of JAGGED1 mutations in Alagille Syndrome; role of Jagged1 in development and function of the liver, heart, and vasculature; in vivo fluorescent reporter for cellular bilirubin levels; reversal of Alagille Syndrome pathologies; drug screen

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In Vivo Lineage Conversion | Cell & Organ Replacement

reprogram lineage identity of cells while they reside in the body; mechanism of induced direct transdifferentiation; in vivo generation replacement beta-cells, cardiomyocytes, and neurons from abundant and non-vital tissues; synthetic cell/developmental biology

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Genetic Mechanisms of Diseases | Diabetes – A Precision Approach

mechanism of genes implicated in diabetes; model monogenic, oligogenic, and polygenic diabetes; rescue genetic models of diabetes based on their individual mechanisms

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Developmental Genetics | Fundamental Biology

explore basic biology using organogenesis as the platform; transcriptional and signaling regulation of lineage specification, pattern formation, differentiation, morphogenesis, and homeostasis; vertebrate evolution; regeneration; aging

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Why Zebrafish? | Unique Perspectives & Accelerating Discovery

in vivo model for rapid, rigorous, and efficient investigation of how genes and chemicals impact vertebrate biology; unique techniques available in zebrafish are necessary to yield new perspectives and insight